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    Divorce and Separation is a difficult process. I provide you with a personal perspective of your issues.

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    I forward my calls to my cell and nearly always have e-mail access. I try my very best to return calls within the day.

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    I was called to the Bar in 2000 and I have been exclusively practicing Family Law since 2005.

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    While obtaining a divorce can be straightforward, a court order is always required. Sometimes, people agree to issues like custody and support on their own and only apply to the court to obtain a divorce.

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    Property Claims

    In order to make a claim for a division of property or for the right to remain in the matrimonial home, the person making the claim has to be married to the person against whom the claim is made.

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    Custody and Access

    Custody technically means the legal responsibility to make decisions for the child related to health, education and religion. Access is the right to be with the child at a given time.

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    Child Support

    Section 21 of the Guidelines specifies the documentation that has to be provided by the payor (or the recipient in certain cases). The documents include the past three years income tax returns plus supporting documentation plus the notices of assessment.

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    Spousal Support

    Common law spouses are often awarded less spousal support or are given support for a shorter duration than married spouses. The factors that affect entitlement to support and the amount of support are generally the same between married and common law spouses.

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    Marriage Agreements

    Common law spouses can obtain the same rights as married spouses by preparing and executing a cohabitation agreement. A cohabitation or marriage agreement is a written document where the parties to the agreement can provide for division of property, support or any other matter upon death or the termination of the relationship.

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    Separation Agreements

    The determination of the actual date of separation may be of importance in establishing such things as child custody and access, support and division of property. It is also important in determining the date upon which a Divorce Judgment may be lawfully finalized.

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    Independent Legal Advice

    Independent Legal Advice is required in many family law matters. It ensures that the interests of all the parties are protected. Some agreements, such as a marriage agreement and a separation agreement, require that parties obtain independent legal advice before they can be valid.

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Eve Schwarz is an effective, compassionate and knowledgeable family lawyer. She is determined to resolve her client's issues as efficiently as possible.

Accessibility is paramount. Eve makes herself available to her clients after hours and returns phone calls on the same day. She believes that helping clients in circumstances of emotional upheaval requires not only legal skills, it requires, empathy, understanding, and the ability to listen carefully.

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